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When you purchase a windmill from me, all of the manuals come with it for FREE!
If you purchase from somewhere else, you probably will not get one.
I now have the assembly manuals available for sale!


$ 24.95
Stub Tower

$ 24.95
33 Foot Tower

$ 24.95
OR if you would like to purchase all 3 manuals for a discounted price,
click on the button below to purchase all 3 manuals for $39.95 DELIVERED!

The WindEngine 702
Fort Worth, Texas
- The Obvious Choice -
Water is necessary for everything; from ranching to farming to landscaping. These windmills have been made in Mexico since 1953 and were introduced into the United States in 1998 as the WindEngine 702. They continue to capture more of the market every year.

In my opinion, the WindEngine 702 is the highest quality water pumping windmill manufactured in North America today!!!

There are other ways to pump water from a well but experience indicates that windmills are the most durable and cost-effective.

Remember: THE WIND IS FREE, USE IT !!!

Stop pumping money out of your pocket and start pumping free water out of the ground.
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