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1898 Pumping Aermotor
Aermotor Company
Chicago, Illinois
Manufactured in 1898

This is one of the most rare models of the Aermotor line. It was manufactured only for one year. The main difference between this model and all other open-geared models is that this model uses roller bearings where prior and future models used babbit. Another feature of this model that differs from most others is that the cut-off handle is pulled down to turn the windmill on. Only this model and the 1899 model worked in this manner. All other models of Aermotor windmills require the handle to be pulled down to turn the windmill off. The model that we have acquired has a unique large gear. It allows for 3 different strokes: short, medium, and long. There are two openings in the large gear for each pumping stroke. The blades on this model are interchangable with all other models of this type. This was the first year that Aermotor used the round spokes instead of the flat spokes that the Original and Bell-Hub models use. The tail-bone on this model is unique. It has a notch in which the furling mechanism locks when the windmill is in the off position. Another feature unique to this model is the use of a chain in the cut-off mechanism.

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