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My name is Bryon Rykard. I am the web master, owner, and operator of this web site. I will be the voice at the other end of the telephone. I will be the one who packages and ships each and every item that is purchased on this web site. I am a one man operation!

I personally have over 30 years experience in the windmill industry! During this time I have had a hand in rebuilding and installing thousands of windmills in the North Central Texas area. I have dug many a post hole (manually -- for windmill anchors), assembled more heads than I can remember, and assembled nearly as many towers.

Of all the windmills I have worked on, I believe the WindEngine702 is the finest quality windmill available today!

Go and research the competition. I have no ill words to say towards them or their products. I simply stand behind the WindEngine 702 and believe it to be the finest quality windmill available today.

Let me help you get the right windmill for the right price.

I want your business!
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