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NOTE: The maker of this windmill is the Aermotor company of Mexico. Do not confuse this with Aermotor USA of San Angelo, Texas. They are two completely separate companies and make two separate and distinct products. In my opinion, the product made at the Aermotor Mexico factory is as close to the quality of the Chicago model 702 as can be found today.

The History of the WindEngine 702 in America

In the mid 1990's, we were contacted by the maker of this windmill via e-mail. We were asked if we would be interested in selling this windmill in the United States. It was decided that a "sample" windmill head, complete (an 8 foot) would be sent for "approval". We were told, "If you like the windmill, pay for it; if not, just keep it".

Upon receipt of the sample windmill head, we were truly impressed! The finish work on the gears was impressive and the quality of the castings was excellent. The next thing we had to see were the bearings. We took this mill apart and removed the babbitt bearings. It was determined that the hardness of these bearings was superior. They were not so hard as to wear the shaft; not so soft as to wear out quickly. We happily paid for this mill and began the process to get more. Since the windmill could NOT be marketed in the United States as an Aermotor, a new name had to be created. We decided to make a play off the name Aermotor (air motor) and call it "WindEngine". After over 10 years of brisk sales in the United States, the manufacturers decided to permanently set up business here. In about 2008, the name was given to the owners of the Aermotor Mexico company so it could be put on ALL of the windmills being brought into the United States. The WindEngine 702 name is legally trade marked and cannot be used without the permission of the manufacturer.

The original windmill has been up on a tower and spinning (off and on) without any maintenance since shortly after it was received. We wanted to see just how long it would last before failing. It has been over 15 years and it is still going strong.

There have been over 3000 of these windmills sold in this country and there has NOT been a single warranty issue! I cannot say this about any other windmill with which I have ever been involved.
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